Lịch sử phát triển



Resource Development Institute (RDI) is a professional unit founded regarding the Decision No. 1143/QĐ – ĐHTV dated on October 20th, 2010 of Tra Vinh University (TVU).
1. Vision – Mission – Core values
    1.1. Vision
           RDI is striving to become a pioneer scientific and educational organization in the field of researching, consulting, training, applying scientific achievements, transferring technology in the region within the next 10 years.
    1.2. Mission
        – Creating aggregate value contributing to the economic, social developments through activities of researching, consulting, training, applying scientific achievements, transferring technology;
        – Creating life-long and on-demand learning opportunities for the society.
    1.3. Core values
        – Core capabilities
           + Intelligence: creative, scientific;
           + Profession: expert, dynamic;
           + Prestige: responsible, faithful.
        – Social and customer value
           + Motto: Connect & Share;
           + Relationship: friendly, companionable, sustainable;
           + Product – Service: excellent, congruent.
2. Functions and tasks
      RDI is in charge of organizing and managing training activities offering transferring, part-time, online and distance learning programs.
      RDI offers a wide range of programs:
        + Undergraduate programs: Law, Economics, Accounting, Agronomy, Business Administration, Office Administration, Finance – Banking, English Studies, Early Childhood Education, Information Technology, Vietnamese Literature, Ethnic Minority Culturology,…
        + Transferring programs (2, 3 – year college to university): Law, Economics, Accounting, Agronomy, Information Technology, Early Childhood Education, Office Administration,…
      Beside organizing long-term training programs, RDI also engages in other fields to bring the best learning opportunities to the communities
        + Coordinating and carrying out researches; providing services; transferring technology and applying scientific achievements in many areas.
        + Coordinating and providing short-courses to serve the needs of the society.
     RDI would like to express our gratitude to partners for your cooperations and supports in the past. We would like to receive more cooperations and interests in the future that will help us improve the quality of our services to best serve the demand of the society with the moto “Connect & Share”.