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Agriculture aims to train technicians who have a university degree with knowledge and skills in the field of agriculture, and have economic and social research capabilities to understand rural customs and practices; support, organize and propose agricultural development projects.

Students after graduation use the knowledge of agricultural techniques, economics and management; principles of development and laws of economic and social changes in agriculture into reality, thus determining the orientation, development strategy and ability to study and research at postgraduate level, established individual companies, cooperatives, household businesses, etc…

After graduating, students will obtain Agriculture Engineer degree in term of Distance Education. The degree will be legally ensured and will be able to study for Master or Doctor degree.

Job opportunities

Students after graduating in Agriculture Engineer can work at research institutes, universities, colleges, state management agencies related to agriculture and environment from central to local levels, animal feed companies, veterinary medicines, food companies, animal and plant breeding companies, corporations – companies in the field of aquaculture, companies specializing in life science, fertilizer companies, farms, agricultural cooperatives, etc… and can also create jobs in production, service in the agricultural sector.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must hold high school degree or equivalent degree according to regulation of Ministry of Education and Training.