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Automation and Control Engineering

Automation and Control Engineering

Studying Automation and Control Engineering, students are equipped with the skills of electronics such as electronic components, designing electronic and electric circuit and programming control. Students are provided the skills of designning, operating, installing and maintaining control systems applied invanced technology into industry, aquaculture and civil. From that, students will be able to work in the multi-country environment.

After finishing the curriculum, students will be provided a Engineering Degree in Automation and Control Engineering in term of Distance Education. The degree will be legally ensured and will be able to study for Master or Doctor degree.

Job oppotunities

After graduating, students can work at industrial zones, companies and enterprises related to electronic and electric technology equipment, production lines, businesses, etc. Students can work as lecturer or technical staff at universities, colleges and vocational schools. Also, they can start up private companies or enterprises to consult about designing, installing and maintaining electronic systems in industry and civil.

Admission condition

Candidates must hold high school degree or equivalent degree according to regulation of Ministry of Education and Training.