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Construction Technology of Traffic Works

Construction Technology of Traffic Works

Studying Construction Technology of Traffic Works students can be equipped with knowledge of geodetic, hydraulic, reinforced concrete structures of bridges and roads; designing motorways; building inspection; route planning and overall design of works; exploiting and repairing of traffic works; analyzing economy and managing quality; surveying and designing bridge and road works; constructing and organizing the construction of bridges and roads; managing the construction of bridges and roads (preparing bidding documents, bidding; analyzing and evaluating bidding documents; setting up payment documents of works …). In addition, students have the ability to check materials, works quality, economic accounting, inspecting labor safety in construction and consult, criticizing construction engineering issues.

After graduating, students will be provided an Engineering Degree in term of Distance Education. The degree will be legally ensured and will be able to study for Master or Doctor degree.

Job oppotunities

After graduation, engineers of traffic work construction can work in road and bridge construction companies, traffic work management and repair companies or companies in the field of civil construction and industry, irrigation and mining… students can take on positions such as construction leaders, construction engineering supervisors; design consultants, supervisors and verifiers; construction inspection and construction valuation consultants; State experts managing construction at the Department of Transport, Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Construction, Project Management Board…; business owners operating in the field of construction; lecturer performing the teaching and participating in applied research, developing scientific technology applied in the field of construction of bridges and roads.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must hold high school degree or equivalent degree according to regulation of Ministry of Education and Training.