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Food Technology

Food Technology

Studying Food Technology students are equipped with knowledge of preserving and processing agricultural and aquatic products, applying food safety and hygiene, inspecting and managing food quality. Students will be able to apply quality management system in food processing factories, research to develop new products and handle basic situations in industrial food production. Students also can play a consultative role on nutrition, participate in doing research and writing scientific reports and use safely and effectively equipment and machines in the specialized field.

After finishing the curriculum, students will be provided a Engineering Degree in Food Technology in term of Distance Education. The degree will be legally ensured and will be able to study for Master or Doctor degree.

Job oppotunities

After graduating with a degree in Food Technology, students may become production managers, production executive specialists, product quality managers, product quality inspectors, materials and products managers. They also can work as technical staff, purchasing staff, nutrition consultants, production specialists, microbiological, chemical and physical analysis technicians, industrial production facility managers.

Enrollment objects

Graduated from high school or equivalent degree followed to rules of Ministry of Education and Training.