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Tourism and Travel Services Management

Tourism and Travel Services Management

Students are equipped with indepth theoretical knowledge such as planning domestic and foreign tours, advertising and organizing to sell tours, valuating of tourism programs and expected profits for businesses … In addition, training leadership skill, communication skills, solving problems skill; teamwork skill; English skill; Fluent English communication skills is also available.

Graduate students will be provided a Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management in term of Distance Education. The degree will be legally ensured and will be able to study for Master or Doctor degree.

Job opportunities

After completing the study, students can take on positions such as travel agent staff, travel program selling staff, tour running assistants, business management, management of operating rooms and other positions in the travel business depending on the individual capabilities and the requirements of the job.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must hold high school degree or equivalent degree according to regulation of Ministry of Education and Training.