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Veterinary is a field of researching, prevention and treatment of diseases for animals. Studying veterinary medicine will equip learner scientific knowledge about diagnosis of common diseases, know how to use some medication, chemical substance, vaccines to prevent and treat animals; building veterinary program for animal husbandry farms; grasp veterinary law, drug market, animal husbandry, etc…. In addition, it also supports English skills, information technology, be ability to perform laboratory operations, diagnose and prevent diseases for animal husbandry.

After graduating, students will obtain Veterinary Engineer in term of Distance Education. The degree will be legally ensured and will be able to study for Master, Doctor degree.

Job opportunities 

Students after graduating in Veterinary Engineer can work at research institutes and veterinary stations; clinic, hospital, veterinary laboratory; teaching work in schools, institutes, specialized in veterinary medicine; enterprises producing and trading veterinary drugs, animal feed; there are many opportunities to travel around the world to work with rare, exotic animals, etc…

Admission Requirements

Candidates must hold high school degree or equivalent degree according to regulation of Ministry of Education and Training.